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Don’t count your chicks before they hatch

Last Sunday, Eden & I went to Hatched and ate many eggs.





I rushed to pick up the phone but it was just a fax

Guess what? I’m listening to keroro’s soundtrack! Yayy.

Kwassa kwassa

This is a really short one:
I just went down to HMV to get my Vampire Weekend by Vampire Weekend Album!
It’s their old album, I know, no biggie, but hey, I just got to know about it not too long ago, and it was sold out for so long. Anyway, I shouldn’t be here now, night night.

P.s. It’s so strange when the band name and album name are the same, it gets a little confusing.

His Love is Mine

I went to Love MG 2010 last night.

Met up with old friends, saw familiar faces, and praised God as MGS together, the feeling was wonderful. ┬áResponding to the call of Love MG, His Love is Yours too. ­čÖé

Bits & Pieces-Kampong Cham, Cambodia

Hello! I just came back from Cambodia. I was there for an Overseas Community Involvement Programme, whereby I taught some of the children there and did some construction work. The children there were adorable, the first photo here is of Kai, my favourite boy. He always frowns.

Before Flutterbies

I was pretty creeped out by these caterpillars that Ann made for some school fundraising event, but at second glance, they are actually rather adorable. I’m sure they’ll turn out to be beautiful flutterbies.

But he’s leaving his DNA all over the place!

In between hectic weekdays and even more hectic weekends, Friday night seems to be the only time where I can squeeze in a movie,

& some pizza take-away.


I watched Gattaca with Cheryl and Ash, which turned out to be beautiful, despite the high expectations I already had of it (I mean when you expect something, it’s often not as good). It was made in 1997 but watching it after more than a decade later, it wasn’t “old”, save for the sometimes grainy images and no subtitles. & Jude Law was in it ­čÖé

p.s. The title is quoted from Ash when we watched the show, I wouldn’t say such an inaccurate statement.


Noooo! I’m getting a _______ complex!
I need a psychiatrist!

Bits & Pieces – Taiwan


Roadtrip to TaiDong and HuaLian today!
Setting off at 8am. Da-dahhh.