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Flap those little ears of yours

Guess who was here yesterday?

He was very fascinated by my yo-yo, which he pronounced as you-you, and he can’t do it for nuts. After a few tries, I gave up teaching him, so I hid it and said that it go eaten by a cupboard monster.

We moved on to a less tedious game called drawing. Just that Kayven didn’t want to draw on paper but on himself which is way more fun but but but, being underage, it had to be done under parental supervision which limited my canvas to less than the size of a 10-cents coin. But oh well, I think he liked it all the same.


On days like this, I want to live long

Yayy, finally met up with Su, mak and tang yesterday, it’s been such a long time since we’ve last seen each other (well, except mak whom I see every Sunday) and we are so telepathic. We were all in shades of blue! Talk about coincidence. Su in her pretty denim dress with matching flowers for her hair, Mak in her cheapskate blue shirt and Tang’s dress, we all loved it, especially the front details. Su and I did mani and pedi, I finally had the courage to try brighter colours, though I think I went overboard, hot pink toes! They look kinda scary.I’m in love with yesterday, Su has my slippers, Tang has Su’s ring, another chance for a meet up. 🙂

By the sea

Today (or was it yesterday?) Jessica talked about her friend’s boarding school being near a jetty and they can just hang out there after school which sounded like a dream; and while I was browsing through the photos that I took in Taiwan, I came across the series which I took at the port of Kaohsiung, I wish I had such a view here in Singapore. Living by the sea is such a beautiful thought.

The old, rusted & humble

Good Morning! This is my first morning in Taiwan,we arrived last night at my grandmother’s place and we would be staying here a couple of days before our house is ready. The weather this morning is beautiful, very cooling with soft natural rays lighting up the living room and balcony.

A view from the balcony, the wet market tucks in right beneath this building, very convenient for my grandmother to buy me all sorts of food; not only that, there’s the call of roosters in the mornings, no need for alarm clocks.


“Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon heat”, so has gran.

A rarity


DSC_0690Would you believe me if I told you that this was a difficult shot? This is the piece of sky in between my block and the opposite, that’s really how wide it is and that’s really sad. A little beyond the frame, you would have seen the ugly concrete.In this city, I don’t often see a complete piece of sky when I look up, it’s a rarity; another something to join the long list of things endangered by mankind.