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I am going to smell nice for the next 5 years

That’s my 3 month worth of goodies from BAZAAR! Chuin is the sweetest thing to note what I like. Can’t wait to try Purity and Hope in a Jar from Philosophy. & no dens, I am not going to sell any one of those things, never, you can give up persuading me.


The Importance of Breakfast

Don’t count your chicks before they hatch

Last Sunday, Eden & I went to Hatched and ate many eggs.




How am I supposed to pretend, I never want to see you again

Although it has been a while since this, but, I have to brag about it. On the 26th last month, Vampire Weekend came to town and Ash and I had the good fortune of getting 2 tickets to the gig. It was amazing listening to them live, they sang all our favourites (California English was adorable and I died when he went “Honey with you-uu-uu-uu” for Run) and Erza has a funny accent which is sooooo cute!

I couldn’t find my camera and could only manage to grab an instant cam before leaving the house, which is why the picture is so pathetic, but ah well, better than none.


RuiFeng Night Market is the only night market I’ve ever been to in KaoHsiung, and I love it. Every time I’m in KaoHsiung I just have to come here, at least twice, cause there’s just too much food and not enough space in me. Easily this is junk food heaven, nothing is very healthy but they all make me very happy, this is probably why I always (always always) put on weight after KaoHsiung.

These are a few of my favourite things #1

I’m in Taiwan and yes, ferryflight will be food-blogging since this is food haven, enjoy.Take-home breakfast 燒餅油My grandmother’s home-cooked noodles

I Choose You!

Pokemon Instant Noodles 🙂


White and Fluffy

I am covered in flour now, my camera is powdered with flour, my face is dabbed with flour, my hair, my shorts, the kitchen floor is flour-ed. All these because …

my Gran baked Kueh Bangkit ! She bakes them every single year for Lunar New Year and everyone loves them. My sister and I would always steal crumbs of it before they get stored in bottles and kept behind cupboards awaiting to be eaten on New Year’s Day itself.

Aren’t they pretty?

More than just chicken

Goodness of deep fried everything.

Ash & I love this, you just pick whatever you want, from meat(mostly chicken & pork) to beans to innards(kidneys &livers) to fungus, and then all of them gets fried in oil which brings the food the a whole new level (ok I’m exaggerating, just a little). The lady then sprinkles spices and packs your deep fried whatever with basil leaves (also deep fried!) … yumm.

P.s, the site is snowing 🙂