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Packing is the bane of my life


I really dislike packing; I spend about half an hour every morning deciding what I would wear so you can imagine how long it takes to decide at one go for 20 days. Why does it sound so effortless when people say “I just packed my bags & left”? I’d be like, did I bring sunscreen? Magazine or book? How many pairs of shoes? Shit, my shorts are still in the wash! AH! And the worse is, it doesn’t usually work out when I reach taiwan, most of the time I don’t even wear half the things I bring because there are all the new things I buy. On a happier note, I look forward to this pile of clothes increase exponentially by the time I come back.


Don’t count your chicks before they hatch

Last Sunday, Eden & I went to Hatched and ate many eggs.





Ahhhhh, it’s good to go back to MG, even after graduation, I don’t think anyone of us was able to leave it behind. We met Ms Tan at the staff room and she didn’t look any different from 2 years ago, with her hair sticking in weird directions and her black & white piggy shoes. Afterwards, we just fooled around with the camera, some pictures came out blurry though and we can only comfort ourselves that it looked like a glow function.

Musing in the museum

Before I went to Batam, I dropped by the museum with two sweet girls and an unexpected guest, weilun who turned out to be a rather interesting companion.
We went to Pompeii at National Museum then Trans-cool Tokyo at SAM@8Q.

This is an installation whose name I can’t remember, but it’s basically a tiny booth with headphones that plays disco music. The person in the room can’t see what’s going on outside but it’s the opposite for people outside. So basically, you’ll feel like dancing when you’re in the room and you’ll be tricked to think no one will see you, but the truth is, everyone’s watching.

The message before entering the disco booth room.

Oh! And I found a self- portrait.

On days like this, I want to live long

Yayy, finally met up with Su, mak and tang yesterday, it’s been such a long time since we’ve last seen each other (well, except mak whom I see every Sunday) and we are so telepathic. We were all in shades of blue! Talk about coincidence. Su in her pretty denim dress with matching flowers for her hair, Mak in her cheapskate blue shirt and Tang’s dress, we all loved it, especially the front details. Su and I did mani and pedi, I finally had the courage to try brighter colours, though I think I went overboard, hot pink toes! They look kinda scary.I’m in love with yesterday, Su has my slippers, Tang has Su’s ring, another chance for a meet up. 🙂

Being a tourist

In order to make full use of my last three days before school starts, I went to Chinatown with my grandma on Monday to:
1.) Buy some La Cheong for Lunar New Year
2.) Be a tourist
3.)Spend some time together

The La Cheong and other smoked goods look a little scary to me, everything looks like plastic, they are much nicer when served on the dinner table though.

For lunch, we stopped by at Lee Tong Kee for Hor Fun. The Hor Fun was beautiful ( do I sound like Jamie Oliver?), and after the beautiful Hor Fun, we went to check out The Little Drom Store ( the ‘o’ on ‘drom’ should have two little eyes but I can’t do them on) where I bought this cute little baby figurine. Ashley finds it eerie but I think it’s adorable. They have the baby wearing different animal hats as well.

Our Chinatown trip ended on a sweet note after desserts at Mei Heong Yuen.

P.s. School starts tomorrow!

Waking up

I am sad to say that I am now in Singapore. Time flies in Taiwan, but I am hoping to book tickets to go to Taiwan again in January (fingers crossed). In the meantime, here are some pictures taken during the road trip to Tai Tung.

Sun kissed.

Old lady & child

Public transport, (I’m a little scared)

I will tell you more about the roadtrip another day, I took wayyyyy too many photos and I am not awake enough to go through them. But meanwhile, Ash and I had our little outing this morning.

Start: 美术东二路口
Destination: 中央公园
Mode of Transport: PUBLIC BUS & KRTC (Alternative name for MRT)

This is my first time taking a public bus in KaoHsiung, and it isn’t much like how it works in Sg.
For one, the bus stop is really small(at least the one outside my house is)

For another, the bus took a loooong time to come.

We reached our destination safe, no detours made, went to my favourite stationery store (3-storey worth of stationery!) and then had 小笼包 at a cosy resturant tucked between shophouses (better than DTF, or at least much cheaper).

We had a house warming tonight, it’s not easy to be a host when you don’t have a maid, the mess was still cleared though. Night!


I see you!

The Pale Rose of Wool


This that I’ve dreamt of going ever since I knew about it,The Pale Rose of Wool by April Lee. I am reminded of the beauty that surrounds me, things that I’ve let pass.  Both Cheryl & I liked the picture of the sea while Ashley liked the one of the only tree that light graced. All in all, it was inspiring.

DSC_0730Can you wink with both eyes at your reflection?

Also, we checked out Books Actually, I don’t know how to put to words what I saw. It made me realise, I never really wanted to be a librarian, no, I misunderstood myself, it has always been a bookstore owner.

PostScript. There was something else that made the trip rewarding, but I’ll tell you next time.

Location/Polymath & Crust (3F) 86Club Street