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I am going to smell nice for the next 5 years

That’s my 3 month worth of goodies from BAZAAR! Chuin is the sweetest thing to note what I like. Can’t wait to try Purity and Hope in a Jar from Philosophy. & no dens, I am not going to sell any one of those things, never, you can give up persuading me.


Sound Advice

Saw this at NYDC, sound advice.

Shakespeare and his bud-dies

I wanted to say this for a while, but then due to certain unforeseen circumstances and a miraculous twist in events, I could only say this now: I’ve been growing a potatoe!

Its name is Shakespeare, clearly you can see I have great expectations for this little thing. I also named it’s buds, they are namely: Hamlet, Romeo&Juliet, Merchant of Venice, MacBeth, Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Tempest so on and so forth. All of them are Bud-dies with one another.

Shakespeare has gone through much turbulence in its short life of 2 weeks, you see, it was growing pretty well, one of its buds especially, grew plump and purple. I was feeling rather proud of it and decided to move it from the balcony to my room, thinking that more of my love and care can then be directed towards it. However, never did I expect that Shakespeare was afraid of cold and dryness! After one night in an air-con room, the pretty bud died. I thought that was the end of my potatoe, BUT, being strong in will, its other bud-dies started to grow and it got permanently relocated back to the balcony.

P.s. I know ‘Potatoe’ should come without an ‘e’ but I think it looks better this way.


Flap those little ears of yours

Guess who was here yesterday?

He was very fascinated by my yo-yo, which he pronounced as you-you, and he can’t do it for nuts. After a few tries, I gave up teaching him, so I hid it and said that it go eaten by a cupboard monster.

We moved on to a less tedious game called drawing. Just that Kayven didn’t want to draw on paper but on himself which is way more fun but but but, being underage, it had to be done under parental supervision which limited my canvas to less than the size of a 10-cents coin. But oh well, I think he liked it all the same.


These are a few of my favourite things: Traveller De Luxe


Jessica and I played a game while at Choupinette, it’s called, I don’t know, we haven’t thought that far but anyway, you draw birds on a piece of paper, take turns and don’t fight. Then whoever draws the last bird loses. While you are drawing, you can laugh at the ugly birds that your opponent draws and gosh, I realised that I don’t really know how kiwis look like until today.

Also, I think we got carried away/bored of drawing birds that we forgot to name the loser.

So much love in a day

Founder’s Day, so much in one single morning.

The library was filled, been so long since I’ve heard so much noise which is so signature of mg, Ms Ng was standing on the table (!), so many familiar faces, so many colours. Going onto stage, so scared that I would just trip and fall and make a foooool of myself, GOH was wearing a beautiful cheongsam, Eva’s speech was so beautiful I almost died, so much cheer, pastor’s speech wasn’t that beautiful but I died all the same. The spread! Yes, for once, it was meant just for me. So many shots, Mak is still hilarious, Su is still pretty as ever, Tang is red, Chloe is love, Mayee is … yea you get me, Sng is “boomz” (I quote her, this didn’t come from me) and Ms Tan! Oh I love Ms Tan. Everything happened so quickly and bam!

It’s over.
But thank God, it was good while it lasted.

By the sea

Today (or was it yesterday?) Jessica talked about her friend’s boarding school being near a jetty and they can just hang out there after school which sounded like a dream; and while I was browsing through the photos that I took in Taiwan, I came across the series which I took at the port of Kaohsiung, I wish I had such a view here in Singapore. Living by the sea is such a beautiful thought.