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Kids have the most fun

SAM was a kid’s heaven the other day Jess & I popped by. I loved this room the most, no stopping where the train tracks went.
I wish I could become small and walk vertically.


Bad Hair Week

It’s been a week after my tragic haircut and seeing that it has grown about 4 millimeters longer, I have mustered enough courage to talk about it. I do regret cutting it and ¬†whined for a very long time after leaving the salon, but I guess it is after all an experience. Although Witty Wilde may say that “Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes”, but it is easy for him to say that, I mean he has fluffy locks not bangs.

After taking a good long look at myself in the mirror, I realised that this haircut bears resemblance to that of many talented and successful people, or rather characters throughout age and across cultures. Firstly, my linear fringe (fine, bangs) reminds me very much of Captain Spock, whose ears I very much admire and love. When paired with the rest of my hair, I think I look like

1.) Cleopatra

2.) Willy Wonka

3.) Captain Spock

4.) V

All at once!

How am I supposed to pretend, I never want to see you again

Although it has been a while since this, but, I have to brag about it. On the 26th last month, Vampire Weekend came to town and Ash and I had the good fortune of getting 2 tickets to the gig. It was amazing listening to them live, they sang all our favourites (California English was adorable and I died when he went “Honey with you-uu-uu-uu” for Run) and Erza has a funny accent which is sooooo cute!

I couldn’t find my camera and could only manage to grab an instant cam before leaving the house, which is why the picture is so pathetic, but ah well, better than none.

These are a few of my favourite things: Traveller De Luxe


This is a post dedicated to Jessica Sunshine, who has shown keen interest in understanding my view of the boys/men.

1.) Woody Allen

He is a cute old man with glasses that you would approve of. Not to mention an incredible genius.
I like/love him because he has a terrific sense of humour, and although I’ve only watched Annie Hall, I fell almost immediately for the way he speaks. I love it when someone can speak with so much wit that it made sense to me only when he is already on his third line (maybe I’m just not that clever).


2.) George Clooney

He is another cute old man, who has been a cute old man since young.
I like/love him because he is George Clooney! I mean, how can you not love George Clooney? Those eyes that smile, the deep lines on his forehead when he looks at you (through the TV screen), the way he never seemed to have aged. Ah!


3.) Will Cameron Jr

He is the guitarist of Blondelle who has red-hair.
I like/love him because he looks like he has grown thin on writing lyrics and thinking about his lost love that I just can’t help wanting to love him. (Although I doubt that really happened)


4.) Jude Law

He is a pretty face with a bad bad soul.
I like/love him because, how can I not. He is sooo good-looking, especially when paired with a the-world-loves-me-but-I-don’t-care attitude in The Talented Mr. Ripley, too tempting to not love.

5.) Nick O’Leary

He is the heart-broken soul from Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist.
I like/love him because he was so badly shattered when he fell out of love that you can’t help but want to give him a hug and tell him that the world is better without her (p.s. she cheated on you!). And did you watch the scene in the studio? Nick & Norah’s conversation was so cute! (I know Jessica wouldn’t approve of it, but it’s my favourite scene, I’m sorry. Cold hands!)

6.) Fukuyama Masaharu

He is an actor, singer, pretty face.
I like/love him because he has such deep eyes and he’s japanese (Yes, I know it’s shallow but it’s just like how you have a liking for Irish).

7.) Nagayama Eita

He is Japanese too!
I like/love him because he has the most beautiful and intriguing ears I have ever seen. I love elf ears and they look wonderful on him.

Yes, that should be it for now. I hope you cringed when you read this Sunshine.


So much love in a day

Founder’s Day, so much in one single morning.

The library was filled, been so long since I’ve heard so much noise which is so signature of mg, Ms Ng was standing on the table (!), so many familiar faces, so many colours. Going onto stage, so scared that I would just trip and fall and make a foooool of myself, GOH was wearing a beautiful cheongsam, Eva’s speech was so beautiful I almost died, so much cheer, pastor’s speech wasn’t that beautiful but I died all the same. The spread! Yes, for once, it was meant just for me. So many shots, Mak is still hilarious, Su is still pretty as ever, Tang is red, Chloe is love, Mayee is … yea you get me, Sng is “boomz” (I quote her, this didn’t come from me) and Ms Tan! Oh I love Ms Tan. Everything happened so quickly and bam!

It’s over.
But thank God, it was good while it lasted.

May, most marvelous is here.

This was during Stereotype Party `10, which I must say wasn’t a blast in itself, but we managed to enjoy ourselves. From left to right, stereotypical artist, stereotypical Japanese school girl, stereotypical bimbo. After being a stereotypical bimbo for one night, it probably awakened the bimbo-tic side of me, maybe I should embrace it, gosh, I need a pedicure to go with it though.

Anyway, I’m ¬†picnicking in school tomorrow since the canteen in packed with people on wednesdays, but then again, it depends on the weather.

p.s. I watched Chicago-the musical, so sexy!

Chairs to sit & holidays to wait for

I haven’t been up to any mischief except:

1. Prata dinner with a Softball Captain
who was in full glory of having nailed the Championships

2. Kitaro Love Peace and Planet Music Tour 2010
Kitaro is like a child in old wrinkly skin, this coolio who plays effortlessly and yet display the kind of awe like it’s the first time he heard anything like that coming from himself. He really scared me in the beginning, with all his strange instruments from far far away, looking like a wizard, but in the end, he’s just a lovable weirdo with fantastic hair.

3.Waiting with eager anticipation for none other than
I will be in Surabaya for (a mere) 5 days during the holidays, so yay.

4. Oh, & I got a new phone
Fine, it’s none of those fruits but that doesn’t mean I can’t be gleeful about it right? Plus it’s pink!

5. Also, I need new frames

Cloud talk

Hey Ash, the clouds are moving so quickly today, the winds are strong.

Ooooh, that’s quite fast for a cloud.

Haha, quite fast for a cloud?

Yea, if it was in a cloud race, it would have won.

Bad Sandwich Day

Have I ever mentioned that I am going through my o-levels now?
The reason I probably haven’t is that it is far too depressing a thing to mention, and far too serious to do it casually.

But anyway, I will tell you about a paper that I had this morning and I will say it with an analogy. I realised that I’m pretty good at coming up with analogies, Cheryl would have confirmed that though the one I used on her is a trifle too embarrassing, for her.

Taking papers, are like say, making sandwiches.

Sandwich1So a paper that makes you feel good after taking it, is when you’ve made a sandwich that is brimming full, with lots of green, egg, ham and tomatoes. Today’s paper on the other hand, is like a limpy sandwich, too much sauce but not enough of the other fillings. URGH!

Do you get me?