Month: December, 2010

Shakespeare and his bud-dies

I wanted to say this for a while, but then due to certain unforeseen circumstances and a miraculous twist in events, I could only say this now: I’ve been growing a potatoe!

Its name is Shakespeare, clearly you can see I have great expectations for this little thing. I also named it’s buds, they are namely: Hamlet, Romeo&Juliet, Merchant of Venice, MacBeth, Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Tempest so on and so forth. All of them are Bud-dies with one another.

Shakespeare has gone through much turbulence in its short life of 2 weeks, you see, it was growing pretty well, one of its buds especially, grew plump and purple. I was feeling rather proud of it and decided to move it from the balcony to my room, thinking that more of my love and care can then be directed towards it. However, never did I expect that Shakespeare was afraid of cold and dryness! After one night in an air-con room, the pretty bud died. I thought that was the end of my potatoe, BUT, being strong in will, its other bud-dies started to grow and it got permanently relocated back to the balcony.

P.s. I know ‘Potatoe’ should come without an ‘e’ but I think it looks better this way.


Musing in the museum

Before I went to Batam, I dropped by the museum with two sweet girls and an unexpected guest, weilun who turned out to be a rather interesting companion.
We went to Pompeii at National Museum then Trans-cool Tokyo at SAM@8Q.

This is an installation whose name I can’t remember, but it’s basically a tiny booth with headphones that plays disco music. The person in the room can’t see what’s going on outside but it’s the opposite for people outside. So basically, you’ll feel like dancing when you’re in the room and you’ll be tricked to think no one will see you, but the truth is, everyone’s watching.

The message before entering the disco booth room.

Oh! And I found a self- portrait.