Bad Hair Week

by ferryflight

It’s been a week after my tragic haircut and seeing that it has grown about 4 millimeters longer, I have mustered enough courage to talk about it. I do regret cutting it and  whined for a very long time after leaving the salon, but I guess it is after all an experience. Although Witty Wilde may say that “Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes”, but it is easy for him to say that, I mean he has fluffy locks not bangs.

After taking a good long look at myself in the mirror, I realised that this haircut bears resemblance to that of many talented and successful people, or rather characters throughout age and across cultures. Firstly, my linear fringe (fine, bangs) reminds me very much of Captain Spock, whose ears I very much admire and love. When paired with the rest of my hair, I think I look like

1.) Cleopatra

2.) Willy Wonka

3.) Captain Spock

4.) V

All at once!