Month: November, 2010



Flap those little ears of yours

Guess who was here yesterday?

He was very fascinated by my yo-yo, which he pronounced as you-you, and he can’t do it for nuts. After a few tries, I gave up teaching him, so I hid it and said that it go eaten by a cupboard monster.

We moved on to a less tedious game called drawing. Just that Kayven didn’t want to draw on paper but on himself which is way more fun but but but, being underage, it had to be done under parental supervision which limited my canvas to less than the size of a 10-cents coin. But oh well, I think he liked it all the same.

Bad Hair Week

It’s been a week after my tragic haircut and seeing that it has grown about 4 millimeters longer, I have mustered enough courage to talk about it. I do regret cutting it and ¬†whined for a very long time after leaving the salon, but I guess it is after all an experience. Although Witty Wilde may say that “Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes”, but it is easy for him to say that, I mean he has fluffy locks not bangs.

After taking a good long look at myself in the mirror, I realised that this haircut bears resemblance to that of many talented and successful people, or rather characters throughout age and across cultures. Firstly, my linear fringe (fine, bangs) reminds me very much of Captain Spock, whose ears I very much admire and love. When paired with the rest of my hair, I think I look like

1.) Cleopatra

2.) Willy Wonka

3.) Captain Spock

4.) V

All at once!


How am I supposed to pretend, I never want to see you again

Although it has been a while since this, but, I have to brag about it. On the 26th last month, Vampire Weekend came to town and Ash and I had the good fortune of getting 2 tickets to the gig. It was amazing listening to them live, they sang all our favourites (California English was adorable and I died when he went “Honey with you-uu-uu-uu” for Run) and Erza has a funny accent which is sooooo cute!

I couldn’t find my camera and could only manage to grab an instant cam before leaving the house, which is why the picture is so pathetic, but ah well, better than none.