by ferryflight

This is a post dedicated to Jessica Sunshine, who has shown keen interest in understanding my view of the boys/men.

1.) Woody Allen

He is a cute old man with glasses that you would approve of. Not to mention an incredible genius.
I like/love him because he has a terrific sense of humour, and although I’ve only watched Annie Hall, I fell almost immediately for the way he speaks. I love it when someone can speak with so much wit that it made sense to me only when he is already on his third line (maybe I’m just not that clever).


2.) George Clooney

He is another cute old man, who has been a cute old man since young.
I like/love him because he is George Clooney! I mean, how can you not love George Clooney? Those eyes that smile, the deep lines on his forehead when he looks at you (through the TV screen), the way he never seemed to have aged. Ah!


3.) Will Cameron Jr

He is the guitarist of Blondelle who has red-hair.
I like/love him because he looks like he has grown thin on writing lyrics and thinking about his lost love that I just can’t help wanting to love him. (Although I doubt that really happened)


4.) Jude Law

He is a pretty face with a bad bad soul.
I like/love him because, how can I not. He is sooo good-looking, especially when paired with a the-world-loves-me-but-I-don’t-care attitude in The Talented Mr. Ripley, too tempting to not love.

5.) Nick O’Leary

He is the heart-broken soul from Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist.
I like/love him because he was so badly shattered when he fell out of love that you can’t help but want to give him a hug and tell him that the world is better without her (p.s. she cheated on you!). And did you watch the scene in the studio? Nick & Norah’s conversation was so cute! (I know Jessica wouldn’t approve of it, but it’s my favourite scene, I’m sorry. Cold hands!)

6.) Fukuyama Masaharu

He is an actor, singer, pretty face.
I like/love him because he has such deep eyes and he’s japanese (Yes, I know it’s shallow but it’s just like how you have a liking for Irish).

7.) Nagayama Eita

He is Japanese too!
I like/love him because he has the most beautiful and intriguing ears I have ever seen. I love elf ears and they look wonderful on him.

Yes, that should be it for now. I hope you cringed when you read this Sunshine.