So much love in a day

by ferryflight

Founder’s Day, so much in one single morning.

The library was filled, been so long since I’ve heard so much noise which is so signature of mg, Ms Ng was standing on the table (!), so many familiar faces, so many colours. Going onto stage, so scared that I would just trip and fall and make a foooool of myself, GOH was wearing a beautiful cheongsam, Eva’s speech was so beautiful I almost died, so much cheer, pastor’s speech wasn’t that beautiful but I died all the same. The spread! Yes, for once, it was meant just for me. So many shots, Mak is still hilarious, Su is still pretty as ever, Tang is red, Chloe is love, Mayee is … yea you get me, Sng is “boomz” (I quote her, this didn’t come from me) and Ms Tan! Oh I love Ms Tan. Everything happened so quickly and bam!

It’s over.
But thank God, it was good while it lasted.