Month: June, 2010


RuiFeng Night Market is the only night market I’ve ever been to in KaoHsiung, and I love it. Every time I’m in KaoHsiung I just have to come here, at least twice, cause there’s just too much food and not enough space in me. Easily this is junk food heaven, nothing is very healthy but they all make me very happy, this is probably why I always (always always) put on weight after KaoHsiung.


These are a few of my favourite things #1

I’m in Taiwan and yes, ferryflight will be food-blogging since this is food haven, enjoy.Take-home breakfast 燒餅油My grandmother’s home-cooked noodles

Bits & Pieces-Kampong Cham, Cambodia

Hello! I just came back from Cambodia. I was there for an Overseas Community Involvement Programme, whereby I taught some of the children there and did some construction work. The children there were adorable, the first photo here is of Kai, my favourite boy. He always frowns.