Month: May, 2010

Before Flutterbies

I was pretty creeped out by these caterpillars that Ann made for some school fundraising event, but at second glance, they are actually rather adorable. I’m sure they’ll turn out to be beautiful flutterbies.


May, most marvelous is here.

This was during Stereotype Party `10, which I must say wasn’t a blast in itself, but we managed to enjoy ourselves. From left to right, stereotypical artist, stereotypical Japanese school girl, stereotypical bimbo. After being a stereotypical bimbo for one night, it probably awakened the bimbo-tic side of me, maybe I should embrace it, gosh, I need a pedicure to go with it though.

Anyway, I’m ┬ápicnicking in school tomorrow since the canteen in packed with people on wednesdays, but then again, it depends on the weather.

p.s. I watched Chicago-the musical, so sexy!