Chairs to sit & holidays to wait for

by ferryflight

I haven’t been up to any mischief except:

1. Prata dinner with a Softball Captain
who was in full glory of having nailed the Championships

2. Kitaro Love Peace and Planet Music Tour 2010
Kitaro is like a child in old wrinkly skin, this coolio who plays effortlessly and yet display the kind of awe like it’s the first time he heard anything like that coming from himself. He really scared me in the beginning, with all his strange instruments from far far away, looking like a wizard, but in the end, he’s just a lovable weirdo with fantastic hair.

3.Waiting with eager anticipation for none other than
I will be in Surabaya for (a mere) 5 days during the holidays, so yay.

4. Oh, & I got a new phone
Fine, it’s none of those fruits but that doesn’t mean I can’t be gleeful about it right? Plus it’s pink!

5. Also, I need new frames