Being a tourist

by ferryflight

In order to make full use of my last three days before school starts, I went to Chinatown with my grandma on Monday to:
1.) Buy some La Cheong for Lunar New Year
2.) Be a tourist
3.)Spend some time together

The La Cheong and other smoked goods look a little scary to me, everything looks like plastic, they are much nicer when served on the dinner table though.

For lunch, we stopped by at Lee Tong Kee for Hor Fun. The Hor Fun was beautiful ( do I sound like Jamie Oliver?), and after the beautiful Hor Fun, we went to check out The Little Drom Store ( the ‘o’ on ‘drom’ should have two little eyes but I can’t do them on) where I bought this cute little baby figurine. Ashley finds it eerie but I think it’s adorable. They have the baby wearing different animal hats as well.

Our Chinatown trip ended on a sweet note after desserts at Mei Heong Yuen.

P.s. School starts tomorrow!