Public transport, (I’m a little scared)

by ferryflight

I will tell you more about the roadtrip another day, I took wayyyyy too many photos and I am not awake enough to go through them. But meanwhile, Ash and I had our little outing this morning.

Start: 美术东二路口
Destination: 中央公园
Mode of Transport: PUBLIC BUS & KRTC (Alternative name for MRT)

This is my first time taking a public bus in KaoHsiung, and it isn’t much like how it works in Sg.
For one, the bus stop is really small(at least the one outside my house is)

For another, the bus took a loooong time to come.

We reached our destination safe, no detours made, went to my favourite stationery store (3-storey worth of stationery!) and then had 小笼包 at a cosy resturant tucked between shophouses (better than DTF, or at least much cheaper).

We had a house warming tonight, it’s not easy to be a host when you don’t have a maid, the mess was still cleared though. Night!