Bad Sandwich Day

by ferryflight

Have I ever mentioned that I am going through my o-levels now?
The reason I probably haven’t is that it is far too depressing a thing to mention, and far too serious to do it casually.

But anyway, I will tell you about a paper that I had this morning and I will say it with an analogy. I realised that I’m pretty good at coming up with analogies, Cheryl would have confirmed that though the one I used on her is a trifle too embarrassing, for her.

Taking papers, are like say, making sandwiches.

Sandwich1So a paper that makes you feel good after taking it, is when you’ve made a sandwich that is brimming full, with lots of green, egg, ham and tomatoes. Today’s paper on the other hand, is like a limpy sandwich, too much sauce but not enough of the other fillings. URGH!

Do you get me?