Month: November, 2009

I want to go ‘BOOM!’

Now that it is the holidays, I have alot of time, time to feel all sorts of weird things; like yesterday, I felt so misunderstood, like a teenager. It was such a horrible feeling whereby I had this urge to dash onto the road, get knocked over and die, but I didn’t have the guts to. This is my problem: I am a coward and I hate it.

It’s always an inner rebellion. Always. I can come up with what to do to vent my anger/frustration but I never do it. Whenever I have this rage within, I want to hurt people badly but I always think it’s too cruel. I don’t slam the door, I don’t give the finger, I don’t leave the room/house/car, I don’t splash my drink on people,  I don’t smash things… I just don’t; and I darn well wish I do.


The old, rusted & humble

Good Morning! This is my first morning in Taiwan,we arrived last night at my grandmother’s place and we would be staying here a couple of days before our house is ready. The weather this morning is beautiful, very cooling with soft natural rays lighting up the living room and balcony.

A view from the balcony, the wet market tucks in right beneath this building, very convenient for my grandmother to buy me all sorts of food; not only that, there’s the call of roosters in the mornings, no need for alarm clocks.


“Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon heat”, so has gran.

Art of the Trench

This is beautiful, quick click!

Art of the Trench

Meanwhile, I will have to complete 279 MCQs for Biology, I’m thrilled.

Bad Sandwich Day

Have I ever mentioned that I am going through my o-levels now?
The reason I probably haven’t is that it is far too depressing a thing to mention, and far too serious to do it casually.

But anyway, I will tell you about a paper that I had this morning and I will say it with an analogy. I realised that I’m pretty good at coming up with analogies, Cheryl would have confirmed that though the one I used on her is a trifle too embarrassing, for her.

Taking papers, are like say, making sandwiches.

Sandwich1So a paper that makes you feel good after taking it, is when you’ve made a sandwich that is brimming full, with lots of green, egg, ham and tomatoes. Today’s paper on the other hand, is like a limpy sandwich, too much sauce but not enough of the other fillings. URGH!

Do you get me?



This penguin here is from Cape Town, where one of my uncles went on a holiday to. A penguin in Singapore is as good as putting it in an oven. Bless his soul, I hope he gets used to the weather. He is an extraordinary kid, and doesn’t waddle  and fumble like the rest of his kind. Nopes, waddling is too un-cool for him.

DSC_1162Instead, he jumps and does a flip!
Sadly though, he’s not here to stay, which is partly why I didn’t give him a name, naming him would make it too sentimental. He’s meant for my little nephew Kayven, who most probably wouldn’t appreciate him in the long term.