Month: October, 2009

Time of Eve

Go & watch Time of Eve.
Yoshiura is such a genius. One that knows how to break a heart.


Video Girl

Last Friday,
I watched the Pianist with Su and Rachel. I watched it mainly because of the Polansky incident that resurfaced during the past weeks, and damn, it was a good show.Something interesting was, we schemed to get into the screening room in the library as two other girls wanted to watch their show too. We made peace in the end, and I think we did them a favour or they would have watched The Dark Knight. I passed the two girls in school today, they are sweet things, they said hi but they didn’t know my name, so… they called me ‘Video Girl’ and asked me if I wanted to order Mcdonalds with them.

Strange and small things warm my heart.

Baby’s Breath

DSC_1108I like flower names like this, Baby’s Breath; how much gentler, softer, purer can anything be?

P.s. I found two of my lost pink pens today, they were both hiding in the pages of books thick enough for me to overlook the awkward bulges; I’m so glad the days of dull ink are over.


DSC_1104Honestly, who can ever forget such a striking colour? Jane came over today and she said that the purple doesn’t fade even when the stalk dries, how wilful.



Maple Bread Lego Man.
Jane came back from Chicago with Lego Moulds, so Ashley and I decided to make some Lego Man. We had a lot of fun watching them grow in the heat. It surprised us, since we’re not avid bakers, that biscuits expand too, so they were a wee too thick and took a while longer to bake. Maybe too long a while, as they came out much more tan than the picture in the book.