Month: September, 2009

Come rain or shine


The theme was crazy hair day, but everyone had nice hair except me and Su, in fact Su looked beautiful in that feathery-firework-like mass. I had a be@rbrick tied uncomfortably to my hair, my hair looked limp and the be@rbrick is limp (broke it’s leg from a fall, oops).




Flowers that grow on trees are just different from those on grass.

Yesterday, I passed these trees, heavily blossomed with pure white flowers and I just had to show you how beautiful they were. It’s the season now, I’ve seen some around my house as well so do take a good long look at them if you see one around, they come and go like the rain these days.

It’s not spring, but are you Twitterpated?

flower“He can call me a Flower if he wants to, I don’t mind”




After watching 風の谷のナウシカ, I can’t help wishing that for once, nature would retaliate like never before.

P.s. I need to own films by Studio Ghibli, especially those by Miyazaki. I just need to.

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