The Pale Rose of Wool

by ferryflight


This that I’ve dreamt of going ever since I knew about it,The Pale Rose of Wool by April Lee. I am reminded of the beauty that surrounds me, things that I’ve let pass.  Both Cheryl & I liked the picture of the sea while Ashley liked the one of the only tree that light graced. All in all, it was inspiring.

DSC_0730Can you wink with both eyes at your reflection?

Also, we checked out Books Actually, I don’t know how to put to words what I saw. It made me realise, I never really wanted to be a librarian, no, I misunderstood myself, it has always been a bookstore owner.

PostScript. There was something else that made the trip rewarding, but I’ll tell you next time.

Location/Polymath & Crust (3F) 86Club Street