Month: August, 2009

A rarity


DSC_0690Would you believe me if I told you that this was a difficult shot? This is the piece of sky in between my block and the opposite, that’s really how wide it is and that’s really sad. A little beyond the frame, you would have seen the ugly concrete.In this city, I don’t often see a complete piece of sky when I look up, it’s a rarity; another something to join the long list of things endangered by mankind.


The Pale Rose of Wool


This that I’ve dreamt of going ever since I knew about it,The Pale Rose of Wool by April Lee. I am reminded of the beauty that surrounds me, things that I’ve let pass.  Both Cheryl & I liked the picture of the sea while Ashley liked the one of the only tree that light graced. All in all, it was inspiring.

DSC_0730Can you wink with both eyes at your reflection?

Also, we checked out Books Actually, I don’t know how to put to words what I saw. It made me realise, I never really wanted to be a librarian, no, I misunderstood myself, it has always been a bookstore owner.

PostScript. There was something else that made the trip rewarding, but I’ll tell you next time.

Location/Polymath & Crust (3F) 86Club Street

Crème de la crème


Gelato at Gusttimo, right at the side entrance of Ion.

The lady who served us was proud to present the 30 over flavours that they have; it wasn’t hard to guess that we took some time to decide on the flavours. Rice, tiramisu and Bosco Yoghurt, complete with a cone.

We intended to have a grab-&-go-gelato, but who can resist rose pink(!) seats?

Would you please come down?


What if, just what if, one day balloons don’t get stuck in trees anymore?

Maybe the children(& balloons) got lucky; maybe the trees weren’t so lucky.

Feels like gold


You’ll never swim away from me.

Magic Fingers



If a gardener has green fingers, what colour are Ashley’s?
This is Ashley’s latest creation, a Qoo-look-alike! On a scale of 1-10 of their alikeness, I’d rate it a 8. 1 point deducted because of the extra protrusion, another for the wrong face shape.
I should get her felt of a different colour soon, she’s been churning out dolls of the same blue which makes them all resemble Qoo-san in one way or another.
Still, that awkward expression is adorable.

Till tomorrow


Haven’t we always talked about the things we want to do? From the wildest ambitions to the next day’s schedule. Yet, it is in the human nature to proscrastinate. When there is no authoritative voice to compell us to carry out our plans, we leave them aside; we leave them for the dust to fall on, for the shadows to creep over.
We leave them for tomorrow.
Remember that tricky riddle: What is it that is always coming but then never seems to arrive?
Tomorrow is for dreamers, but also for the procrastinators in us. You may not be able to build instant skyscrapers, but keep in mind the hug you’ve set aside for a child, a photograph you’ve wanted to take of you grandmother and the time you’ve never had to do all these.
Till tomorrow.


Lurking around the corner

Sunday, I rose to walk the usual path that I took to school, but this time to catch a train.
I didn’t expect the train to come but it did, with its black fumes that charged into the sky and that frightening sound of metal on metal, scraping, pounding.



Trains are humble now. Despite it’s size and the sound that it makes, it goes unnoticed here. Yet whenever I catch a glimpse of it speeding by, it’s like seeing something that civilisation wants to hide from you because of its hideousity, it’s like seeing something that is from another world, the old world. But there is beauty even in rusted metal. It’s a blessing that such old creatures are still around.

Things often get weary

Sometimes I wonder if it was a mistake to join the Photography Club. You should have seen, a dozen pictures just clones of one another, a dozen more, lurid colours, imagination fences.
The camera becomes a machine,
& it shouldn’t be like this.

Or perhaps, this is just a weakly whine.

Chloe’s 16th candle

chloday005This is Chloe, sitting infront of a makeshift birthday cake, more correctly said, a pyramid of swiss rolls studded unevenly with candles.


This planned-over-the-night celebration may not be the most glamorous of birthday celebrations but just look at these warm smiles :)I really like this photo, to an extent that I have the urge to take it back from Chloe, and I should credit the photographer here; Thank you Su-lin.

chloday001Happy Birthday, darling.

P.s Although these were from expired polaroid films, the end result was a pleasant surprise.