Mint, Museum of Toys

by ferryflight

After much procrastination, Ashley and I finally made a trip down to Mint, Museum of Toys. In fact we’ve been talking about going there since we first saw the sign board last year(!).DSC_0080Tucked in between old buildings, such a futursitic facade, but houses the past.DSC_0082

This woodstock toy is both our favourite.  DSC_0092Barbie, decieving the masses that such a body was possible since 1959.
But then again, these dolls were better looking in the past then now, this first barbie doll has so much character, and style, unlike versions today who have such plastic-smiles and lifeless eyes. And BRATZ, ugh.

Tom & Jerry were bffs, really. DSC_0139This guy who works in the museum looks as if he came from the future, or like a Japanese professor who teaches Astrology and would tell his grandson Star Wars stories. I didnt have the courage to ask for a picture, so just make do with this backview shot.DSC_0150

DSC_0084I was so in love with the Outerspace hall that I got my version of a Tin Robot.
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